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What is Feral Robotics here to do?

  • Capability

    Robots Without Humans

    Have you ever noticed how robots in media and reality exist either to serve humans or sometimes harm them? How there's an unspoken but everpresent dynamic of subjection, subordination, and power? Feral Robotics bridges the conceptual gap between industry and wilderness

  • Data

    Sensors Where They Are Needed

    No one claims ownership of wild migratory animals, but passive scientific sensors mounted to their bodies produce ever increasing volumes of data. Feral Robotics furnishes a mechanism for the provision of sensors in inhospitable and neglected niches

  • Network

    Leverage Diversity

    Feral Robotics is a path-independent mechanism to commodify emerging robotic capabilities across the industry

  • Vision

    Ubiquitous Robotics

    At Feral Robotics, we envision a future where large scale deployment of robots is not constrained by the availability of specialized human labor

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The Team

We aim to automate ourselves out of existence

John Doe

Ant Trainer

Bob Uncle

Paramecium Wrangler

Jane Dickson

Albatross Whisperer

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